If You Can Follow a Recipe, You Can Make Jaw-Dropping Photos Today

There's a faster, easier and far more fun way to create stunning gallery-quality images of all your most coveted subjects including long-exposure waterfalls, night skies and the Milky Way, macro and close-ups, wildlife, adventure travel photography, and loads more...

I'm Ready to Make Stunning Photos Today!

Take Your Photography to the Next Level Using the Same Recipes Professional Photographers Rely On.

Everything You Need. Nothing You Don't.

Secrets Revealed:

  • The one key ingredient for making magical waterfall and other long-exposure images.
  • Two foolproof ways for getting tack sharp focus in any outdoor setting.
  • The key ingredients you must have for shooting jaw-dropping night sky and Milky-Way images.
  • The one critical element that will turn your travel photos into unforgettable head-turning images. 
  • Never miss the amazing photo opportunity that most people just walk right past.
  • The advanced composition techniques that will take your images far beyond the Rule of Thirds.

What a Few of My Students Are Saying...

"This course elevated me to a new level in my photographic journey. Dale's course significantly helped me create "interesting images" myself and others now enjoy. Highly recommended. His style is engaging and stays focused on helping the student. The post processing elements were a great compliment to the field sessions."

~ Mark B.

"I learned SO MUCH in this course. Pulling my equipment together and can't wait  to head out into the landscape with a whole new set of tools as well as better understanding. Thank you, Dale, for your energy and excellent instructional methods."

~ Dell H.

"I really feel like Dale has taken an AMAZING amount of content and really been thoughtful about creating a course that is readily useful and accessible to a large audience."

~ Mark W.

"Great course! Easy to follow guidance for all levels of photographers interested in composing, exposing and shooting in the field. Covers everything from equipment to post-production to get “tack sharp” images. The how-to coverage for moving water and water falls is outstanding! Highly recommended!"

~ Pat L

How and Why This Training Works

You could spend months or even years learning outdoor photography the traditional way, or you could take a huge shortcut that is not only fast, but super easy and fun. The best part is that's it's based on the same proven principles and techniques that the world's best chefs have been trained on practically since the dawn of time. 

Budding Chefs that want to bake a cake don't enroll in a 4-year culinary program, outfit a complete kitchen with every kind of whiz-bang cooking appliance known to civilization and stock their fridge with every conceivable ingredient first. NO! They bust out a great cookbook and follow the directions for baking the exact cake they want. As they continue to follow various recipes, they're building a solid foundation of general cooking skills while producing wonderfully tasty dishes. In this way, they also see immediate and predictably high-quality results following recipes from professional chefs.

...and It's Fast, Easy and Fun Too

Instead of spending forever learning about the complex and intimidating worlds of camera gear, settings, composition, and software post-processing techniques, every "recipe"  contains just what you need for each photographic situation. I walk you through step-by-step the exact gear you'll need, what settings to use, how to find masterful compositions and how to add amazing polish easily to your images. You'll never need to buy a Lightroom preset ever again. I'll show you how to do more with less, as well as provide ideas and recommendations for future gear upgrades when you're ready.

Like top chefs, after a little time spent exactly replicating proven recipes, you'll begin to customize them with your own creative vision once your skills and experience reach a certain level. The whole process is simple, effective, and most of all fun. Virtually every time you go out in the field with your camera, you'll come back with images that will wow people.

Why the Traditional Approach Doesn't Work

1. Tech Molasses: A lot of people take the technical road and dive into the deep end of an almost bottomless pool of gear, jargon, camera settings, the physics of light (I'm not kidding!) and tons of other head bending stuff. Getting a solid foundation here doesn't need to feel like a wrestling match with an angry tornado. Small steps in context while having fun make learning simpler and more effective. Just what you need, when you need it.

2. Where's the Road-map Dude? If you just wanted to bake a delicious cake, you wouldn't need to outfit an industrial kitchen, clean out the grocery store and get a degree from Le Cordon Bleu would you? No, you'd find a great recipe and follow the directions. Same thing with photography. Professional Photographers use variations of the same tools and techniques for the same types of subject matter. The basic recipe is... the same.

3. Binge Watch Hell: Sure there are zillions of how-to videos online for free and many are truly outstanding (although some not so much).  The problem is where to start, what to watch in which order. Knowing how to correctly calculate hyper-focal distance isn't going to help if you don't know how basic focus works for your camera for example. Say you wanted to go out next weekend and photograph some beautiful waterfall. Do you try to identify and pound through the impenetrable mish-mash of videos you'll need, or would you rather follow an easy, powerful, step-by-step recipe that'll get you to the gold super fast?

4. Art vs. Science Slug-fest: Making great photographs is equal parts art and science, but we're all wired with different abilities and interests in each. Too many learning methods seem to focus heavily on one or the other and most of us in the middle find ourselves simply squeezed out. No one size fits all approach is going to work here. That's why recipes are such a powerful way to learn and grow. The more technically oriented get what they need and can drill down as much as they want, while those less comfortable in that end of the pool will not be intimidated in the least. The same of course holds true for those more inclined toward the artistic and design-centric aspects of photography. 

What You Get with the Full Video Training Program

More than a dozen different video-based recipe modules representing the most sought-after outdoor photographic challenges available, including long-exposure waterfalls, wildlife, macro, night skies and travel photography. These recipes contain nearly 40 immersive videos just in themselves, but I've also included a large and growing reference library with tons more videos on topics you can use to build your overall skills and expertise.

Nearly 40 Recipe Videos

Complete end-to-end video training  solutions for a dozen of the most sought after outdoor photographic challenges. I'll take you out in the field as well as demo a ton of powerful post-processing techniques with industry standard Adobe apps, Lightroom and Photoshop. Watch just what you need, when you need it.

Video Resource Library

Not sure what Neutral Density or Circular Polarizer filters can do? Want a crash course on composition and image design? Curious about how Intervalometers work and why they're an outdoor photographer's best friend? I've included loads of short videos on various topics that will supercharge your skills.

Assignments & Downloads

Fun skill-building assignments you can use to apply the concepts covered in the training and take your skills to the next level fast. Compare your progress alone or with a positive group of other photographers in a safe, supportive community. Downloadable companion PDF Cookbook and other helpful materials.



Secrets of Professional Photographers Revealed in Step-by-Step Videos

Simply choose what type of outdoor subject matter you want to photograph and follow clear recipe directions in just a few engaging videos. Imagine going out into the field next weekend and coming back with stunning images of waterfalls, night skies, adventure travel, cityscapes,  coastal, desert or mountain landscapes in any season. I've even dedicated a recipe that will help you master the challenges of a demanding season such as winter.

Long Exposure - Day

Master the art of photographing dreamy waterfalls and seascapes with slow shutter speeds

Macro / Close-up

Create captivating images from the incredible wealth of small subjects that exist all around you

Night Skies

Learn to make images of jaw dropping beauty photographing night skies and the Milky Way. 


Learn the same secrets that professionals use to get magazine quality images of birds, mammals and more...

Fast, Easy & Fun Photo Recipes

Simply choose what type of outdoor subject matter you want to photograph and follow clear directions in just a few videos.

About Dale Cody

I am a Content Creator, Author, Educator and Consultant. My work has been published globally in virtually all media including print, web, broadcast and stock. As an educator, I have taught literally thousands of students in the classroom, in workshops, online and as a personal mentor. See more of my work at https://www.dalecodyphoto.com/

As an award-winning Creative Director, I have worked with literally dozens of Fortune 500 companies in this role. Over the years, I have been privileged to work with and learn from many top creative professionals operating in a variety of disciplines and I am truly grateful for all their lessons, friendship and advice.

Dale Cody hang-gliding in Rio

Stuck Inside? The Best Outdoor Photos Actually Get Made Indoors...

I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but even the most compelling images can benefit from some degree of post-processing polish using industry standard software. Having these skills can turn even mediocre photos into good photos, good photos into great photos, and great photos into "HOLY-MOLY How Did You DO THAT??" photos. I'll show you how to rescue old photos from the dustbin and turn them into gallery wall stunners. It's fun too!


This example image came out of the camera badly under exposed. The question is, can it be fixed? 


Of course it can and I show you how to do it quickly and easily! Unleash the creative power of Adobe Lightroom. 


Worst case scenario. This was a low resolution scan from an old 5x7 print image I had sitting in a shoe-box.


Watch as I demonstrate how to breathe life back into this image in only a few minutes using Photoshop.

Create Magic After You Click 

Mastering Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and other software is incredibly empowering and far easier than you could imagine. 

Just a Few of the Brands I've Worked With

Frequently Asked Questions

Take Charge of Your Photography

You've invested a lot of money in your camera gear. Doesn't it make sense to get the most out of it? Even an entry level DSLR or Mirrorless camera will set you back around $500 USD.  Traditional approaches to learning photography can be incredibly confusing and intimidating. Many people end up leaving their camera in auto-mode and taking whatever the camera decides to give them. Results are often disappointing and really stunning images are extremely rare with this approach.

I'll show you exactly what camera settings to use and why. Not for every single situation under the rainbow, but for specific kinds of photo challenges you want to master. Sure, it's a formula, but your results will not be formulaic. You get consistent wins with stunning images all the while building a solid foundation of skills and knowledge. It doesn't feel so much like learning as it does a fun adventure with great rewards. I'll demonstrate that you don't need to have heaps of expensive, specialized gear to take professional quality images. 

It doesn't just stop when you press the shutter button. Because even the best images can benefit from a little polish in post-production, I'll show you easy to follow, but seriously powerful ways to use industry standard Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to create images that have viewers wondering how on earth you did that.

100% 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime.

If, within 7-days you're not completely satisfied with this  training program, then simply send me an email at [email protected] and I'll refund your money. No questions asked, so there's no risk to you at all. The only risk is that by not taking action, you'll still be stuck taking the same old ho-hum photos til the cows come home. 

Considering you'd probably pay even more for the training covering just one of these subject recipes, you're getting an incredible amount of value from this offer.

Pro Secrets Revealed. Many of topics and training covered in this course are  notoriously well kept secrets by those in the know. In fact, many people end up paying  hundreds of dollars (or more) for workshops and other training on just a single subject. Astrophotography and shooting the Milky Way are a perfect example of this. Professionals with this knowledge keep it pretty close to the vest, so good training is not only costly, it's hard to find and often requires travel and time commitments. Not so with my easy to follow recipes.

collage image of hawks in flight with box package of the Outdoor Photo Cookbook

Complete Video Training

$248 $97

Limited Time Price

  • Instant access to dozens of self-paced training videos (All The Recipes)
  • Includes extensive video resource library available on demand
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Fresh content posted regularly

This training program empowers you to learn exactly what you need, when you need it. Planning to photograph waterfalls (or whatever) this weekend? No problem.  Each Recipe is a complete module that contains everything you need including gear, camera settings, composition, and post-processing magic.

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Coach Pro Premium

$1,145  $499

Best Value (Limited Space Available)

  • Complete Video Training and access to all course materials ($248 value)
  • Includes 4 one-hour individual coaching/mentoring sessions via Zoom or Skype ($800 value)
  • Access to exclusive professional members community ($97 value)

This opportunity is for those photographers who want to take it to the next level fast. In addition to your own self-paced learning using the video modules, we'll meet one-on-one in 4 customized workshop sessions designed to supercharge your skills quickly.

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Coach Pro Platinum

$1,945  $795

Limited Time, Limited Space Offer

  • Full Training Course and access to all course materials ($248 value)
  • Includes 8 one-hour individual coaching/mentoring sessions via Zoom or Skype ($1600 value) 
  • Access to exclusive professional members community ($97 value)

An opportunity for those photographers really invested in making fast progress toward their professional level goals. We'll meet one-on-one online to tailor lessons, critiques, demos or whatever else you need to master outdoor photography in a way custom made just for you.

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