Meet Dale

My life has been defined by a passion for image-making and storytelling, as well as a pursuit of full-on experiences in all corners of the globe. 

Just Who the Heck is This Guy Anyway?

Content Creator

My images have been published globally in virtually all media including print, broadcast, web, and as stock. As a student at the Art Center College of Design, I was taught the importance of combining both concept and craft in order to be a truly successful creative professional. I believe that these can be taught, as well as mastered by virtually anyone.


I have taught hundreds of students in the classroom, online, in workshops, as a mentor and in-person. I was the first Visual Communications Department Chair at IADT Seattle and currently also provide instructional design solutions for a diverse range of clients that include Intel, Sphero, Adobe, Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and others.

Author | Speaker

I am a published author of two books and have been a contributor to many blogs and publications over the years. I use images, video, design and words for narrative storytelling in many forms. Always have. We connect best to stories and I strive to use compelling images that get viewers attention.

Creation Story

My name is Dale Cody and I am in exactly the right place doing exactly the right thing for me. It hasn't always been this way. I've sure made a bucket-load of mistakes and missteps along the way. All too often, I've ended up taking the longer, harder route to the summit. My sincere wish is to help you avoid those costly lessons and take the easier, more direct route to your own creative success. 

I have been an image-maker and storyteller since I drew on the walls with my first box of crayons (sorry Mom). As a citizen of both Canada and the USA, I have traveled to 33 countries with plans to visit lots more. My career has included many years as an award-winning Creative Director and Educator as well as Content Creator.




Over the years, I've been privileged to work with and learn from many top creative professionals working in a variety of disciplines and I am truly grateful for all their lessons, friendship and advice. I stand on the shoulders of giants and for that, I am truly grateful. I have an MBA and two design degrees including a BFA from the highly-acclaimed Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

At this point in my career, I’m much more interested in empowering others to reach their goals and achieve success than I am in most anything else, except maybe actually being out exploring in the wild places with a camera.


Dreams and Second Chances


I've always been a dreamer, but equally important to me, I've always been a doer. I love being able to immerse myself in the rich experience of simply being alive in this incredible world we all share. Nowhere do I feel this more than when I am out in the wild places. Exploring with a camera has forced me to slow down and really, I mean really, be present. To see the small things we often walk right past and engage all senses. Making images in nature allows me to share the experience and in my own way, help shine a light on the beauty and fragility of our planet. 


After several rather rude reminders of my own mortality, I feel I've been given not just a second chance, but probably more like eighth and ninth chances. I've survived a helicopter crash, head on highway collision with a semi, a near fatal illness in Thailand, some rock climbing close calls, an emergency landing on board a 747, lightning strikes and one or two rather exciting incidents as a helicopter rappel wildland firefighter.

I have to believe there's a reason for it all. I choose to help others in whatever ways I can.  This is why I teach.  At the Art Center, one of my instructors told me that when the time came in my career journey, put back, teach and pass the torch to others. In this way, I try to honor all the many amazing, generous  people on whose shoulders I stand.

A Few of the Companies I've Worked With

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